Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursdays with Hannah Saul

It's hard to fault Hannah Saul. She's got the killer bod, an empire that's on the rise and not to mention a cult following on social media. She's definitely one to keep an eye on because you can't help but feel there are big things in-store for this Byron Bay home grown Aussie girl.
We sat down with Hannah to talk about Friday nights, what's in her fridge and her next big purchase....
Your biggest role model right now and why?
Lorna Jane Clarkson – She is such an idol of mine & I the she lives her life. I love everything she represents and the message she puts out to the world.  She is an inspiration to so many and I can only hope to build my empire like the way she's built Lorna Jane .

Favorite destination your job has taken you to?
Dream job destination?
St Bart’s
Favorite job so far has been?
Jets / Lorna Jane
How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?
I go for a walk, spend time with my partner and enjoy a glass of wine
Three things that help me unwind are...
Exercise, music and friends
Who’s style do you wish you could steal?
Rosie Huntington- Whitely! She always nails it!
Denim or leather?
Right now what are you obsessed with?
Building my empire and working on my company – Mind Body and Saul
Last big purchase you made?
Leather Thigh high boots!
Next big purchase will probably be?
A Prada handbag is definitely on the list!
Ideal vacation destination?
I would love to explore the Bahamas
The one item of clothing you can’t live without?
Gym clothes!!

3 must have bedside table objects
Lucas’ Paw Paw  - Glasshouse Candle – Gratitude calendar
Nightly beauty routine consists of?
Rose hip oil and a great eye serum
If we were to open you’re fridge right now, what are 3 things we’d see?
Chocolate, Coconut water, loads of vegies
Favorite cooking ingredient?
H2CoCo Coconut oil.

Any guilty pleasures?
Shopping, Perfume and Chocolate!!
Where can we most likely find you on a Friday night?
At home with my boy enjoying a nice dinner with a glass of wine. 
Favorite song right now?
Drunk in Love – Diplo Remix
Last thing you Googled?
Victoria Secret!
Last movie you watched?
The Other Woman
Favorite Emoji?
He's so cute and cheeky!!

To see what Hannah's up to when not modelling or building her empire, follow her on Instagram here