Monday, February 23, 2015

Lys Inger for Good Weekend Fashion

Our gorgeous Lys looks divine for this weeks Good Weekend issue!

 Photographer: Micheal Naumoff
Stylist: Penny McArthy
MUA: Lei Tei

New York Fashion Week with Grace Simmons

As we leave this years New York Fashion week behind us, we catch the busy Grace Simmons to talk shows, looks, who she brushed shoulders with & all things beauty....

Kicking off our catch up, It'd would only be normal to find out what her NYFW essentials are, which means a good old peek into her handbag...

The night before your first show at NYFW this year, how did you prepare & what were you doing?
 My first show was Richard Chai! The night before I was out until about 1am at fittings and castings so I didn't have that much time to think about the show which was probably a good thing I think! But the morning of the show I was pretty nervous and couldn't sit still because I was also mega excited to finally walk at NYFW!

The secret to maintaining your skin during NYFW?

MOISTURIZE! Especially in the cold weather! The super low temperatures (I'm talking -15 degrees #ew) on top of having 2 or 3 different sets of makeup on your skin each day really drains it of its natural oils so I always carry in my bag a good lip moisturizer (at the moment I'm obsessed with Smith's Mocha Rose Lip Balm - it’s so hydrating plus it smells like chocolate so it’s a win win) and also a good body moisturizer (my all-time favourite being Avène Eau Thermale body lotion!)
Your go to off duty shoe during NYFW...

Hands down Nike Air Force 1s, I basically live in them!

Describe backstage in 3 words.

 (backstage at Marc Jacobs)

 Did you meet any models who you have been dreaming of meeting?
I got to meet Malaika Firth who is such a sweetheart and she was so nice to me even though I'm practically a nobody compared to her!!

Lets talk celebrities, who who who?
Yes!! I met Nicki Minaj backstage at Marc Jacobs! She was so funny and her accent was so sassy and amazing! I also got to meet KendallJenner twice - at a casting and then again at Marc Jacobs when she walked in the show! To top it off I also met Victoria Beckham at the casting for her show!

You were star struck when you....
Walked into the casting for Victoria Beckham and she was there! I had expected it to just be a casting director - that you wouldn't meet her until the fittings at least, but I just walked into the casting room and there she was! It kinda took the wind out of me for a split second before I could mentally slap myself out of it!!


If you could take home any of your looks from this year's show - which one would it be?
Hmmm that's a tough one!! A tie between the beautiful long flowing dress I wore in the Zimmermann show and my insanely amazing faux fur jacket and pleated skirt I wore in the Marc Jacobs show! Can't I have both?

One thing that's running through your mind whilst on the runway?
It's not one thing - it’s a million things! "Don't fall, make sure you go the right way, walk well, don't run into the other models..." the list goes on!!

You wouldn't go a day without...
Talking to my mum... I'm such a mummy's girl and I love to talk to her about how my castings/fittings/shows are going and also to get advice, from anything like "How long do I microwave this for?" to "What should I wear to this particular casting?" to "Should I put this in the dryer or will it shrink?" She's my go-to woman for everything, even though she's literally half a world away (god bless technology!!)

  And there you have it, What NYFW looked & felt like through the eyes of our gorgeous Grace Simmons.. next stop Milan!