Monday, August 11, 2014

Gilli Islands with Nathalie Darcas for Billabong Australia!

Our little star Nat Darcas has just spent her past weeks on location for Billabong Australia in the Gilli Islands, Indonesia. Being a destination on most's beach holiday lists we had to catch up with Nat to see how the trip was amongst a catch up!

Melbourne, Australia 

Where are you as you answer these questions?
Am back in NY on a train heading south to NYC from Albany!

So you've recently shot in the Gilli Islands for Cleo and Billabong Australia...
Describe a days work on location there??
Wake up was around 6 am, followed by hair and makeup down by the villas pool. Once budi juspandi (the wonderful makeup artist) had me all ready to go, we would walk to breakfast which was just out the front of the villa, coincidentally right on the beach ;)  ! After filling up on some papaya and various other exotic fruits we would then hit the island, exploring and shooting it's various hidden treasures and corners. Some lunch breaks we were lucky enough to have a quick dip in the ocean! However that was mostly reserved for wrap time at the end of the day... Followed by a cocktail or two. 

Best experience about the trip?
The whole trip was incredibly special. We all became quite close as a team! There was one day in particular where we had two shoots, one in the morning and a totally different one in the afternoon. We all took it as an opportunity to have a bit of a lunch time swim. I have never seen such crystal clear, blue waters in my life! That and eating lots of papayas and sipping on coconuts. 

Favorite food on the trip?
Fish and vegetable curry ...

For the people who haven't been... How would you describe it in 3 words?
Perfect beach holiday 

What was your first memorable modelling job 
The first time I had to travel interstate or overseas for a job was for Lorna Jane. We shot in Tangalooma on Moreton Island for a couple of days. That and seeing my first editorial come out in Yen way back when!

How do you keep fit and maintain you killer bod?
Lots of running, walking, pilates, and yoga. I have to mix It up or I get bored. I also love the outdoors so naturally that helps quite a bit! 

What city is home away from home?
Paris would have to be my home away from home. My dad is French and as a result the majority of my family still lives around there. We also lived there for 5 years growing up.

Favorite home cooked meal?
Roasted veggies (especially sweet potato) or a slow cooked lamb shoulder 

The person who's style you wish you could steal?
Hmmm.. I have always loved Kate Bosworth's style! 

The one piece of clothing you can't live without
My floral jumpsuit from Reformation 

Last big purchase you made?
An Isabel Marant skirt

Next big purchase will probably be..
I am on the lookout for the perfect small black bag.. 

On a Friday night, where can we most likely find you?
Either Hanging out with friends or catching up on sleep!

Beach or poolside?
The beach!!

Brothers and sisters?
19 year old little  brother

Coffee order?
Soy flat white (nothing beats a good Melbourne coffee)

How would your friends and family describe you in 5 words?? 
Honest (maybe a little too honest at times), warm hearted, goofy, All over the place...