Tuesday, February 26, 2013

INTERVIEW: Rutt talks knitting

Tell me about your relationship with Wool and the Gang, how that unfolded and who they are?
I met Jade from WATG when I lived in London a few years ago but it was last year when she approached me to become an ambassador, much to my delight! 
Wool and the Gang are an ethical wool company based in New York and London who aim to inspire both seasoned and amateur knitters to create awesome handmade clothing. 
When did your love for knitting begin?
About two years ago in Melbourne after walking in a Woolmark sponsored show and the gift bag had wool and needles in it. 
You never use a pattern?
No, I never learned how.
And now learning the art of weaving?
Yes! It's very exciting. I'm now a part of a guild. 
What are you working on at the moment?
My first weaving piece. It's very simple but I'm very proud of it. The hardest part of it all seems to be setting up the loom to be honest. 
What is your favorite new piece, old piece, and accessory?

My Marni sandals, vintage blue trench, and a necklace from my Ma.
Favorite beauty product, and a secret tip?
Rosehip oil, and a hot compress.
Favorite restaurant/bar/place to be at night in Sydney?
My friend's house in Redleaf! 
Favorite local designer/international designer?
How would people describe your style? Sportsluxe, countrychic etc.
Lots of fun! 
Best experience in modelling career to date?
Pina coladas in St Barts.
One thing people would not know about you?
My Messina flavour is Coconut Pandan
In five years what do you think your life will look like?
Who knows? 

Learn more about Rachel's creative and life pursuits via her blog ruttiger.tumblr.com or follow her on Instagram, she goes by bbqriblet. Interested in Wool and the Gang then check out their website at www.woolandthegang.com!

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