Monday, April 20, 2015

by Amy Finlayson

With the onset of her next major exhibition, our AmyFinlayson speaks exclusively to us about the next phase of her career and offers CHIC readers an exclusive 'ORGANICA' offer not to be missed...

During her 6 years in New York, Amy seized the opportunity of being in one of the world’s greatest creative centers by immersing herself in the art world. Working at some of the best and most reputable galleries and art companies in the city, she was surrounded by constant inspiration and opportunity, which led to her developing her own artistic practice. 

With her love of art ignited, it was a natural progression to solidify this career with a formal education. She now holds a Bachelor of Arts from Curtin University of Technology, majoring in Visual Culture.

Her early work in the art world sees her influences rooted strongly in contemporary, boundary pushing mixed media. The evolution of her work is fueled not only by her knowledge and vast travels, but also by personal emotion and experience, culminating in a form of self-expression through multimedia and image manipulation. With both knowledge and inspiration, her work has many forms that aren’t bound by convention and standard industry aesthetics.

Which leads us to 'ORGANICA'....


 "For me (Organica), is a natural transformation. This transformation happens both to the images, through a kind of self- appropriation, and in my own life as I start to move onto new chapters. 
This is the blossoming, fluid, organic way of life-moving and changing- not always beautiful but certainly intriguing”.

Amy is pleased to announce a exclusive offer for Chic readers...
  When you purchase one of the last remaining original ORGANICA pieces, you will receive a limited edition ORGANICA print of your choice at no extra cost.
 Please mention this article at time of sale.
All sales can be made via the website: or via email at (Offer valid till the end of April only)

So, what's next for our Amy?... the answer to that question is "TEN.

Her next exhibition to hit Sydney presented by her new company The Fin Collection. 

TEN will feature a selection of small works by 10 of Australia's freshest and most exciting up and coming artists, such as Rose Ashton, Brooklyn Wheelan, Tanya Linney and Gemma Ward... One not to be missed.

Watch this space as Amy Finlayson dominates the Sydney art scene... we're too excited to watch everyone fall in love...