Thursday, September 25, 2014

Valerija in 'Go Figure' for Sneaky Magazine

Our gorgeous Valerija stars in 'Go Figure' for the latest issue of Sneaky Magazine, read on for the full interview below....

 If you could go back to the past in a time machine where/when would you go??
My mum and i often joke about swapping life times so i would go back to the 90's the age i am now and give the whole "supermodel" thing a go.

 If you could bring someone back from the dead who would it be and why??
I have a slight obsession with River Phoenix.

Whats the worst pick up line you have ever heard of??
I haven't had many used on me but there was one guy who stopped me in the street to talk about my colourful gym pants.

 If you had to decide between eating hamburgers for the rest of your life or eating donuts for the rest of your life with out any health implications what would you choose?
I have a massive sweet tooth and i don't eat much meat so i would have to go with donuts even though i don't like them that much. Can i have a life time of croissants instead?

What do you love about your job?
i actually really enjoy getting my make up done. I find it really relaxing. Getting paid is pretty awesome too.