Thursday, April 18, 2013

Front Row Suit interview with Joel Meacock

Name: Joel Meacock

Agency: Chic Management 

Place of birth: Brisbane 

 Star sign: Cancer 

 Right now: I am at home in Brisbane 

 Start in modelling: I was at a party with my friend who was a model and was scouted. 

 Best job: Hmmm it’s so hard to choose one favourite! I will say two. Number one is when I flew to china to shoot for Hercules magazine. It was a great shoot and I got to see the great wall. Second was recently when I flew to Tokyo for a Louis Vuitton show. I had a great time with my mates, Louis Vuitton looked after us and Tokyo is cool cool cool.

Do your mates pay you out: Of course! But we all know they are just jealous ;)

Most awkward moment on a job: Shooting in a busy Chinese restaurant with what seemed like half of china watching from outside on the street. 

 Your mum collects your photos: Haha she does! There a few newspaper cut outs in her cupboard.

If you weren’t modelling: I think I would be playing soccer and running my t shirt company Oxë clothing. 

Coolest photographer you have worked with: Txema Yeste 

The latest edition to your wardrobe: A bunch of old shirts I cut the sleeves off. 
 We will never see you wearing: Ed Hardy

Most treasured item in your wardrobe: I have a denim jacket I’ve worn from the beginning of my modelling adventures and my Oxë sweater 

 Signature scent: Versace Man eau Fraîche 

 Signature drink: A cold beer Fav film: Phantom of the Opera 

 Currently listening to: Blink 182- dammit 

 Fav holiday destination: Bristol – UK 

 Currently obsessed: Heath ledger. It’s hard to explain why but I think he lived according to himself and he was an amazing actor. 

 Something people don’t know about you: I was the one who stole the Mona Lisa. 

Interview by Liam McKessar for Front Row Suit